Let's Talk: Passion Planner


Hey guys! I’m here to give you an overview + my honest review about the Passion Planner.

Last semester I was feeling overwhelmed, and I needed something to help me stay organized and focused. I saw a few people with the Passion Planner via Instagram, so I decided to look into it and see why anyone would pay $25-$30 for an agenda.

The Passion Planner is so much more than a simple calendar, and I feel like I can explain/validate my purchase in the months since I bought it.

Passion Planner’s story was relatable to where I am in my life currently. Started by founder Angelia Trinidad, a self-described first generation Filipino American, Passion Planner was born out of a sense of her post-grad uncertainty. Trinidad wanted to create a tool to help others more clearly define, plan out and execute their goals while also being positive and motivating.

What started as a Kickstarter campaigning 2013 to give people a positive and goal-oriented agenda quickly blossomed from 4,000 calendars sold to more than 80,000 calendars sold for the 2015 agenda season, according to The Washington Post. The Kickstarter has raised more than $700,000 to date.

The faux leather-bound calendar features monthly and weekly goals, weekly quotes and advice and areas to write your daily/weekly/monthly focus and the good things that happened to you during the week. I have the 2015-16 academic calendar classic, which is larger than the compact version and features different dates than the yearly and undated planners.


  • The weekly layout and size of the classic version gives you a lot of space to plan out all of your activities. My agenda (as you can see) is planned out very meticulously and has lots of sticky notes that help organize what I have to do for each of my classes.
  • One of my favorite aspects of the whole planner is the weekly section for good things that happened. After having a crappy week, it’s good to look back and reflect on the blessings and good things that kept me going.
  • The weekly quotes + advice section is also a great motivator and makes you consider ways in which to be more productive and happier overall.
  • It’s high quality and durable. With all the madness that happens in my bag, this little baby somehow manages to survive and still look just as good as when I bought it.


  • The price point was a bit of a turn off for me (aka a young, broke as hell college student). $30 really seems like a lot to shell out for a seemingly bougie calendar when that could buy like four Chipotle orders.
  • Sometimes it really feels like an extra job to sit and write out everything for the week. If you don’t do it, you feel guilty and a little stressed tbh.

Moral of the story is I love this planner. I feel more organized and motivated during my week, plus I prefer writing down my tasks because I remember them better.

What are your thoughts on the Passion Planner? Comment below!