Let's Talk: Ryan Porter Jewelry


Hey y’all! I’m back, and I want to talk jewelry — Ryan Porter jewelry, specifically.

I came across this brand on Nylon Magazine’s Instagram account, and I instantly fell in love and showed all my friends. All the pieces are like adult versions of the alphabet bead bracelets and necklaces we used to make as kids, except much more chic.

Founded by Krysten Kauder, who says Ryan is a family name and Porter means “to wear,” the brand creates alphabet bead jewelry with both plastic and gold beads as well as emoji charms. Along with all the brand’s customizable jewelry, you can find keychains, pouches and food charm bracelets that show off Ryan Porter’s playful nature.

I bought (aka my mom bought) a gold, 18″ chain with two charms: an “A” and a heart emoji, both on circular beads. Thankfully, I got it as a Black Friday deal and I received a free gift with my purchase–a pencil that reads “I’d rather be sleeping” (how did they know?!). Below are my likes + dislikes.


  • Obviously, this necklace is cute as hell. I got mine in all gold, including the beads. It fits my style and personality, and I’ve literally worn it almost every day since I got it.
  • The fact that most of this brand’s jewelry is customizable is really nice. You can get a custom piece that reflects your tastes, and there are SO MANY options.


  • The shipping process didn’t go exactly as planned. Although their customer service is really friendly and helpful, my necklace got delivered to my Maryland apartment…after I had already flown home to Florida for three weeks. Everything worked out, but I wasn’t a big fan about the fact that it gets delivered to your mailbox rather than as a package.
  • The price point for most of their jewelry is relatively high for a college student looking for cute, minimalist jewelry. It’s a good idea to wait until they have a sale if you’re struggling with the idea of paying $100+ for a necklace.