What's In My Bag: Commuting essentials


Hey guys! I thought I would check in and do a What’s In My Bag featuring mycommuting essentials. I commute via Metro to work every day, so I wanted to let you in on what I bring on the daily trek.

Sturdy bag

I have a reversible bag that I got from Nordstrom that is big enough to hold all of my stuff and that has stuck by my side for two years. My boyfriend also bought me the coolest Coach bag for my birthday that is both sturdy and stylish, perfect for the DC professional scene.

SmarTrip card

Gone are the days of the WMATA paper farecard. The SmarTrip card is the only way to go now, and having one that you can reload online removes so much of the hassle of topping up in the station.

Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball perfume

After a long day or even a short walk in the hot sun, no one smells quite right at the end of the work day on the Metro. I carry this little bad boy around to freshen up when I get to the office in the morning and when I’m on the train in the evening. I’m obsessed with the floral scent, it’s clean and fresh and heavenly.

Water bottle

I use my trusty Swell bottle every day. My water stays cool even when the temperatures outside are the total opposite.

Headphones + a charger

Music or podcasts immediately make my commute/workday more entertaining. A charger is a MUST,  because getting to work with 23 percent battery and nothing to give it some more juice is the recipe for a tough day.


As everyone knows at this point, I’m on a budget. Bringing lunch to work saves so much money every week, and brown paper bags haven’t cut it since middle school. Luckily, I got a lunch bag from my company (along with a ton of other goodies) when I started working there.

An umbrella

My first day at my job I didn’t bring an umbrella and, of course, it rained. I’ve brought one with me every day since then and it’s only rained once more. Bring an umbrella and there’s at least a 70 percent chance it won’t rain that day.


Sunglasses (for your eyes), gum (for your breath), lotion (for your ashy-ness), band-aids (for emergencies), tampons (for a different type of emergency), tissues (for your stuffy nose) and a nail file (for that 2 p.m. hangnail).

What are your must haves for commuting? Let me know in the comments below!