What's in my bag + travel essentials

Hey y’all! I’ve been flying since I was two months old, and I’ve been flying alone since I was six years old. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), I’m a seasoned traveler. Since the holidays are such a busy season for traveling, I figured I would let you guys in on my travel secrets.

Check out the things I need by my side when I’m traveling!


A quality suitcase
My mom, being the angel that she is, bought me a new luggage set for graduation. I’d been lugging around the same outdated, heavy luggage for more than 10 years, so it was time for an upgrade. A lightweight suitcase with four swivel wheels is a great addition to your travel collection.

These are a quick fix for those post-flight puffy eyes. They’re also a lifesaver for a sunny bus ride.

Headphones + a good playlist
Personally, I can’t sit (or sleep) on a flight or a bus ride without music playing to drown out the sound of the plane/bus. I know that a playlist isn’t a tangible thing to have in your bag, but knowing what you want to listen to makes everything easier.

Traveling can leave you super dehydrated, so make sure you have something with you to quench your thirst. At the airport, I usually pick up some SmartWater, but otherwise I have my trusty Swell water bottle with me.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray
Speaking of getting dehydrated, your skin dries out when you travel, so keeping this spray handy will help refresh and moisturize your face. It also doesn’t hurt that it smells absolutely beautiful (and there’s a travel-friendly size).

A book
Most people are normal and can read in-flight and not vomit from motion sickness, so a book is great to pass the time. For those of us who tend to skew toward the side of nausea, an audiobook or potentially a movie/TV show is a better option when you can’t sleep.


What are some of your travel essentials? Let me know in the comments below!