2017 TV favorites


Hey guys! To many, 2017 was the year of peak TV. So many shows debuted and returned throughout the year, so I rounded up some of my favorites that I watched/learned about during 2017.


Donald Glover is a genius for this show. I didn't start watching the show until late in the year, but it was a job well done. The acting was phenomenal, the episodes took risks and it was entertaining while remaining down-to-earth. V impatiently waiting for the second season.


I know Younger wasn't a new show in 2017, but I discovered it and loved it immediately. It was the easiest show to binge watch, and its premise of a 40-something suburban mom pretending to be a 20-something in NYC publishing is just crazy enough to work. It's a funny palate cleanser with good clothes (and sometimes not so good clothes) and fun storylines.


Another show I binge-watched incredibly quickly was Riverdale. It's a dark teen drama that somehow works really well by combining murder-mystery with the Archie comics and a high school backdrop. Season 2 isn't shaping up to be what I thought it would (with the Black Hood letdown and too many unfinished/nonsensical storylines), but here's to hoping the rest of the season finds its footing.


From before we even officially stated dating, my boyfriend has been nagging me to watch this show. I finally caved in, and even though the first season was eye-roll worthy in terms of how corny it was, I've now unfortunately become hooked. It's actually become a really solid show, and I'm impatiently waiting for Ghost and Angela's annoying selves to come back for Season 5.


Last but certainly nowhere close to least, we have Insecure. Issa Rae's comedy series for HBO was probably my favorite show of 2017. Season 2 took me through all the possible emotions you can have while watching TV, and it was one of the biggest talkers amongst my friends this summer. (Check out my USA TODAY Life articles on the show here and here.)

What shows are you guys excited about for 2018? Let me know in the comments!