Book Club: June

Happy summer, Book Club! This month's pick is.....


The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle

The con doesn't stop with age, according to Roy. The 80-something Englishman is working on his final scheme, this time trying to swindle an elderly woman out of her nest egg through a faux romance. But the woman who he thinks is an easy mark is actually part of a history that spans decades, where no one is who they say they are.

Nicholas Searle weaves a mysterious tale that jumps back and forth from present day to points in time from years past. It was a little dense at times, and the plot jumps at times made it difficult to stay focused on the story. But once the big reveal starts to converge the past and modern day, it all makes much more sense. 

This book is definitely a slow burn, but the set up is all necessary for the pay off in the end. I was a little unfulfilled by the ending, but maybe that was part of the point of the book. In life, closure isn't always fulfilling.